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Watch Bingo Bongo 1982 Online

The ape-man, found somewhere in the jungles of Congo, transferred to Milan and named Bingo Bongo. The only one who believes in the human qualities of him is Laura, a woman anthropologist , so their affection for each other even grows to love.

Watch Bomber 1982 Online

Bomber is an unemployed boat captain. One day he meets Jerry, a manager of boxers who are struck by the force of his fists. That is when they see the chance to win big money.

Watch Bianca 1984 Online

Michele is a mathematics professor who just started a new job in a school with some peculiar teaching methods. After a woman in his neighborhood is murdered, Michele meets beautiful colleague Bianca, and a relationship begins between the two. Where is this relationship heading, and will Michele be able to help the police catch the murderer?

Watch Bagnomaria 1999 Online

Il comico Giorgio Panariello porta al cinema alcuni dei suoi personaggi più famosi, ambientandone le avventure su una spiaggia della Versilia.

Watch Bodyguards - Guardie del corpo 2000 Online

I nostri eroi, sono due Carabinieri radiati dall'Arma, i quali si ritrovano a fare le guardie del corpo a vip e starlet. Christian De Sica interpreta Fabio, bodyguard della maggiorata Victoria Silvsted, Massimo Boldi è Paolo, dogsitter di un tenero cagnolino di proprietà di Anna Falchi, Biagio Izzo è Ciro, guardia del corpo di Luca Laurenti. Ma l'avventura finirà male per gli intrepidi paladini. R...

Watch Bakhita 2009 Online

Born in a village in Sudan, kidnapped by slavers, often beaten and abused, and later sold to Federico Marin, a Venetian merchant, Bakhita then came to Italy and became the nanny servant of Federico's daughter, Aurora, who had lost her mother at birth. She is treated as an outcast by the peasants and the other servants due to her black skin and African background, but Bakhita is kind and generous t...

Watch Baciami Ancora 2010 Online

A look at the lives of Carlo, Giulia, and their friends some 10 years after the events of L'Ultimo bacio.

Watch Bar Sport 2011 Online

In un paese vicino Bologna viene inaugurato il Bar Sport. Il proprietario e gestore del bar (interpretato da Giuseppe Battiston) è soprannominato “Onassis” a causa della sua tirchieria. Ma per l’ inaugurazione del suo nuovo Bar Sport, il proprietario offre un paio di bottiglie di Lambrusco e qualche pastarella ai vecchi amici di sempre e al nuovo arrivato: un tuttologo chiacchierone (interpretato ...

Watch Box Office 3D - Il film dei film 2011 Online

An Italian parody of the biggest U.S. blockbusters such as "Gladiator, " "Harry Potter", "Fast and Furious" and "The Da Vinci Code.

Watch Boris: The Film 2011 Online

A director and his crew attempt to make the transition from the small to the big screen.

Watch Buona giornata 2012 Online

A common day in the actual Italy, narrated by the different stories of seven different people, it's the starting point for an overview to the 21st century's italian society, among corrupt politicians, unfaithful husbands, hardcore soccer fans and dishonest businessmen.

Watch Buongiorno Papà 2013 Online

Raul Bova scopre improvvisamente di essere padre di una ragazza adolescente inquieta.